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Each Play Costs just $1

You can either choose to play one game for $1 and win up to $500 or play 2 games for $1 and win up to $250 for each game.

Arizona Pick3 Playing Options

You can choose your number using the following two methods:

  • Allow the computer to choose numbers for you by choosing Quick pick.
  • Choose one or two sets of 3 numbers ranging from 000 to 999 and mark them on the selection slip. After that, you can choose the game type you want to play which basically determines the prize money you win.

Double Feature

There is a symbol on the ticket to recognize the ticket that doubles all non-jackpot prizes. About one in every 10 tickets stand a chance of being a doubler ticket, that too sparing any extra cost.


This feature is available for extra $1 and $2 as well. With $1 Extra! if you win, you are eligible for prize money of $250 whereas $2 Extra! lets you take $500 if you win.

Playing Extra! gives you five extra numbers on your ticket and if any of the winning numbers is printed on Extra! ticket, you win the prize amount next to the matched Extra! ticket. And if your Extra! ticket matches more than one number, it’s even better

Game types of Arizona Pick3

  • Straight: to win this play type, you need three number in the exact order they were drawn.
  • Box: For this play type, you need three numbers in any order. Box play type has two ways, 3-way- lets you select two same number or 6-way- lets you choose three different number.
  • Straight/Box: For this game type, three numbers in exact or any order will do. But if the numbers are drawn in exact order, you will win more.
  • Front Pair: For this play type, first two number are required in the exact order drawn.
  • Back Pair: To win this play type, last two numbers need to be drawn in exact order.

You can play 12 consecutive times with the same ticket but you need to tell the retailer at the time of purchase. Or you can just mark the number of draws box on your selection slip.

Pick 3 hold drawings from Monday to Saturday in the evening.

Winning Combinations and Odds for Arizona Pick3

Play Type Odds 2 Play Prize 1 Prize Play
Straight (Exact) 1:1,000 $250 $500
Box Any (3-way) 1:333 $80 $160
Box Any (6-way) 1:167 $40 $80
Straight/Box 3-way (Straight) 1:1,000 $165 $330
Straight/Box 3-way (Box) 1:333 $40 $80
Straight/Box 6-way (Straight) 1:1,000 $145 $290
Straight/Box 6-way (Box) 1:167 $20 $40
Front Pair 1:100 $25 $50

Drawing Date and Time for Arizona Pick3

They stop sales on the drawing nights at 6:59 p.m. according to Arizona time zone from second Sunday of March through the first Saturday of November and at 7:59 p.m. according to Arizona time zone from first Sunday of November through second Saturday of March.

They don’t televise or publish the drawn numbers on the website to determine the winner, rather the Arizona State Lottery Official audit records of the numbers drawn to determine the winner. Winning ticket holders need to claim their prize within 180 days or it will be voided.

Official Results of Arizona Pick3

Your winnings are entirely dependent on the play type you choose while purchasing the lottery ticket.

To check your numbers you can go to the official website or go to the retailer or by calling the Numbers Hotline PHOENIX: 480.829.7425 | TUCSON: 520.325.9141 | ALL OTHER AREAS: 800.499.3798

Rules Governing Arizona Pick3

  • You have to be 18 or more years old to purchase Arizona Fantasy5 ticket.
  • Drawing game can’t be voided as all sales are final!
  • Odds of winning a prize with EXTRA! can deviate.
  • In case you win the jackpot, you can either opt to have your money in installments for a 30-year annuity or you can go for lump-sum cash which will almost be half of the announced jackpot after taxes. Well, either way, you are leaving with a lot of money. To choose the annuity, you have 60 days but after that, you can have prize paid out as lump-sum cash.

Claiming a Prize from the Arizona Pick3 Lottery

But to claim prize money worth more than $600, you need to visit Arizona Lottery office. Prizes can be claimed by calling on hotline number or in person. You can also mail on their official address: Arizona Lottery P.O. Box 2913, Phoenix, AZ 85062