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Idaho Pick3 is an Idaho-only game with different wager types that offers great chances to win, day and night. Your winning amount depends on the type of wager you choose.

Note: Time of the purchase of your ticket determines which draw would be good for you.

Idaho Pick3 Playing Options

  • The first option is you can pick the number of your choice by marking it over the Playslip. You have to mark one number from each of the columns on Playslip by placing a heavy vertical mark through the number box. You are allowed to mark only one number from each column unless you’re playing front/back pair play type.
  • Or just choose “Quick Pick” to let the lottery terminal pick a random number for you.

Sum It Up!

This feature allows you to try your luck one more time. You need to pay extra $1 if the sum of your Pick 3 number is same as the three single digit number drawn. For instance, if your Puck 3 numbers are 4-2-3, the sum of your numbers is 9. if the sum of winning numbers also equal 9, then you’re a winner. Basically, you don’t have to win Pick 3 game to win this feature.

But do remember that you can’t pull this feature up with Front or Back Pair wager type.

Wager Types of Idaho Pick3

  • Drawn numbers matching your numbers in exact order.
  • Drawn numbers matching your numbers in any possible order [2 like number].
  • Any order 6-way: Any order 6-way: Drawn numbers are matching your numbers in any order [3 unique numbers].
  • Exact/any order 3 way: if your all 3 numbers match is exact or any possible order [2 like numbers].
  • Exact/any order 6 way: If your all 3 numbers match is exact or any possible order [3 unique numbers].
  • Front Pair: If the first two numbers match in exact order [Pick 2 numbers only].
  • Back Pair: If the last two numbers match in exact order [Pick 2 numbers only].

Kindly avoid using red ink or erasing. If you make mistake, just mark the void box for that play.

Winning Combinations and Odds for Idaho Pick3

Match Prize Odds
Straight $500 1 in 1,000
Box (3-way) $160 1 in 333
Straight+Box (3 way)- Straight Match $330 1 in 1,000
Straight+Box (3 way)- Box Match $80 1 in 333
Pair $50 1 in 100
Sum: 14 $6 1 in 13

Drawing Date and Time for Idaho Pick3

They draw once during the day at 1:59 pm and once during the night at 7:59 pm. To play the same number for more than one draw, mark the appropriate box over the multi-draw section on your Playslip. For instance, you are allowed to play Pick 3 night and day for the entire week, just by marking the number 14 box.

And don’t forget to sign your ticket prior to presenting for payment.

Official Results of Idaho Pick3

Rules Governing Idaho Pick3

  • You must have the ticket, not the play slip to claim your winning as the ticket is the only bearer instrument and the only proof of selection and purchase as well.
  • Double check the number you selected before submitting your Playslip. It can’t be canceled once it’s been processed. Retailers are not held responsible for the selected numbers as players are held responsible solely so you might want to have another glance on the number you marked and make those are the number you actually want.
  • Tickets are forbidden to be sold to the person under 18 years of age.
  • You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Idaho Lottery by purchasing a ticket.
  • Every potential user is allowing Idaho lottery the right of using their name, city, county, state of residence, prize and photograph or likeness to publicize their winning and for promotions purposes by purchasing a ticket or claiming a win, without any further consideration.
  • Claims which are arising from lottery tickets sold by the state must be pursued consistent with Idaho lottery rules and MUSL rules as well, as they are the exclusive remedy of the claimant.

You can obtain complete information on Idaho Weekly Grand from them upon request on info@idaholottery.com

Claiming a Prize from the Idaho Pick3 Lottery

  • You can redeem the cash prize up to $599 at the retailer, without any hassle
  • TO redeem cash prize of $600 or more visit the Idaho Lottery headquarters and Fill out claim form and Addendum.
  • If you happen to live outside Idaho, fill out the claim form and Addendum along with the ticket and mail it to:
    P.O. Box 8687
    Boise, ID 83707