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Show me cash is a jackpot which starts at $50,000 and keeps on rolling until someone grabs it. You need to choose 5 numbers from 1 to 39. An estimated average winning jackpot is about $134,000 as the jackpot increase by $5,000 after each draw until someone wins it. They also reward cash prizes for matching 2, 3, 4, or 5 of 5 numbers.

Show Me Cash Playing Options

Similarly, show me cash also has two formats to play:

  • Quick Pick Method: Request retailer for QP to let the computer choose 5 random numbers for you.
  • Playslip: Ask for a Playslip from retailer to pick your desired numbers by marking them over the Playslip.

Double check your ticket for correct numbers and dates before submitting it!

EZ Match

Pay additional $1 to play EZ Match per Show Me Cash play. Fill out a Show Me Cash EZ Match Playslip printed on the Show Me Cash ticket just below the Show Me Cash numbers to play EZ Match. They print separate EZ Match ticket for each play. You will have to choose five EZ Match numbers to play EZ Match numbers which will be printed on the back of your ticket. In any of the drawn number matches the number picked by the players (regardless of the order), the player is an instant winner of the amount printed next to the matched EZ Match play number.

Winning Combinations and Odds for Show Me Cash

Winning Combination Prize Odds
5 of 5 numbers $144,000(minimum of $5,000) 1 in 575.757
4 of 5 numbers $250 1 in 3,386.8
3 of 5 numbers $10 1 in 102.6
2 of 5 numbers $1 1 in 9.6

Overall chances of beating odds are 1 in 8.77

Drawing Date and Time for Show Me Cash

Show Me Cash holds drawing every day- Monday through Sunday at 8:59 pm. They cut off ticket sales from 08:59 to 09:15 pm.

Official Results of Show Me Cash

It's easy to find each day's winning Lottery numbers! Check out these options and find what works best for you.

  • Visit the Lottery's website . Winning numbers are posted there daily!
  • Subscribe to the Lottery's FREE email newsletter, My Lottery News and Numbers, by going to Newsletter Signup.
  • Call the Lottery hotline nearest you to hear a recorded message of the current winning numbers:
    Jefferson City - (573) 751-1111
    Kansas City - (816) 795-0203
    Springfield - (417) 888-4271
    St. Louis - (314) 340-5805
  • Visit the nearest Lottery office.
  • Check your local newspapers, radio and TV stations.
  • Stop by your nearest Missouri Lottery retailer. Request a winning numbers report, or check your tickets at a Check-A-Ticket machine.

Rules Governing Show Me Cash

  • Players must be 18 years or above to purchase Show Me Cash lottery ticket.
  • In case of any discrepancy, officially drawn numbers prevail over any other number posted over the website.
  • Player is responsible for checking his/her ticket to make sure that it represents the correct game, draw date, numbers requested, visible bar and code and serial number.
  • Players must claim their win within the 180 days of the results.
  • Purchased tickets are valid through the printed dates only.
  • Tickets are the sole proof of your win, no other document or Playslip can be represented to claim your win.
  • Players are agreeing to be abided by Missouri lottery rules and regulation by purchasing the tickets.
  • Rules and regulations of Missouri lottery ticket abide every ticket sold or purchased, transactions and winners as well.
  • Ticket is a bearer instrument, so you’re recommended to sign the back of your ticket right away.
  • Player is liable for a stolen, unissued, illegal, misplaced, mutilated, altered, defective, incomplete, incorrect, misregistered, multiple printed or any other issue, not the Missouri lottery authority. Their liability is limited to refund the sales price or replacement of the tickets only.
  • Prize holder should be the winner if only one of the play type per $1 or 50 cents in that case.

Claiming a Prize from the Show Me Cash Lottery

  • You must claim your win within the deadline of 180 days.
  • If you’ve won a prize money limiting to $599, you can redeem it right away at the lottery retailer.
  • To redeem the prize money of $600 to $35000, you can take the cash prize same day from Lottery office by submitting official Missouri lottery claim form with your winning ticket.
  • Or you can claim your prize through the mail also:
    Ticket Redemption
    Missouri Lottery
    PO Box 7777
    Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777