The rules governing claiming a multi state ticket are determined by the state the ticket was purchased in. Select a state to know the corresponding claiming rules

Congratulations On Winning!

  • Claim your prize before the deadline, i.e. within 180 days of the drawing for draw games and 180 days from the game end date for scratch games

Prizes Up To $600

  • All Missouri Lottery retailers are entitled to redeem prizes up to $600.
  • You can also claim your winnings at any of the Missouri Lottery Offices.

For Prizes $600.01 And More

  • For prizes of $600.01 and above you must submit an official Missouri Lottery winner claim form with your winning ticket
  • Prizes from $600.01 to $35,000 can be paid the same day of the claim at any Lottery office
  • The claiming process requires you to be present in-person with a photo ID, a State-issued driver's license or an approved and current Government-issued photo identification card
  • You must complete the IRS Form W-9

Instructions To Redeem Your Winning Ticket By Mail:

  • You are entitled to claim any Missouri lottery prize by mail
  • It should include your name, address, telephone number and signature must be on the back of the ticket
  • Ensure to complete the Missouri Lottery winner claim form for prizes worth $600.01 and more
  • You must complete the IRS Form W-9 for any taxable winnings of $600.01 or more

Missouri Lottery Mailing Address

Ticket Redemption
Missouri Lottery
PO Box 7777
Jefferson City, MO 65102-7777

For more information, visit the official website.

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