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Posted: Tuesday, Mar 17,2020 | Time: 11:43 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


The lottery is all about playing with numbers!

With the sky-rocketing jackpots of Mega Millions and Powerball, more than $1.6 billion and $620 million could be yours. Lottery fever has reached an all-time high with the U.S residents. The odds of winning these lotteries require miraculously good luck with 1 in 302.6 million for Mega Millions and around 1 in 292 million for Powerball.

And if you are fantasizing about winning both of these lotteries, well, you can imagine the odds - something around 1 in 88 quadrillion! But if you set your sights on more attainable prizes you can opt for your state lotteries with some offering “second chance” features which can increase your chances of winning life changing prizes.

Whichever lottery you decide to play, check its past results is very important. Not only is it important to know the dates and times so you can buy your winning ticket, it is also a good idea to keep an eye on the results of your favorite lottery by just visiting on The Lottery Lab.

The Lottery lab offers you a complete analysis of state lotteries as well as Multi-State lotteries. The data reflects complete information on the latest results with their announcement day and date as well and the prize money offered by each game.

By clicking on the Multistate tab as well as State lotteries you have easy access to lotteries along with their results and next drawing dates. In addition to this, The Lottery Lab provides you the thrill of playing and winning the lottery without paying! The new simulation tool is a virtual platform that works exactly like actual lottery games. The platform creates the same environment and the thrill that you experience while playing an authentic lottery.

After checking up on results, The Lottery Lab has Tools that help you analyze past results and assists you in lining up your next win! Some of the most prominent winners have used their skills to outsmart the lottery system. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a maths whizz to crack the lottery system. The Lottery Lab gives you access to advanced tools that apply simple math and statistics for you. You don't have to worry about any calculations to select your winning numbers!

The Frequency Analysis Tool is a highly popular technique that lets you test the assumption that the individual outcomes of a lottery are equally likely.

The Transition Matrix Tool detects patterns in the sequence of numbers drawn from a lottery machine.

The Tightness Test is a method to determine whether a specific machine is favoring “hot” or “cold” numbers.

The Lottery Wheel is a systematic method for selecting numbers in a lottery to create a customized side bet.

All these tools assist you in picking out the winning numbers based on calculations of the past recorded lottery results!

Do not forget to dive into the world of The Lottery Lab which is all set to provide you with a thrilling real-time experience with the aim of making the lottery more fun and easier for you! Sign up today and step a little closer to your dream of winning a bigger one today!

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