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New Zealand Man Won A Jackpot After Losing His Job During Lockdown

3 years ago

A man from New Zealand surprised his wife after losing his job during the lockdown. The man won a whopping amount of $10.3 million (US$6.3 million) after bagging the Lotto jackpot.

His wife is a healthcare worker and has redundantly worked for over two months during this lockdown period. When she returned home from work for a quick lunch break, she found him sitting at the kitchen table behaving strangely. There was an envelope waiting for her at the table.

The winner from Hamilton exclaimed to his wife to open the envelope. She found a newspaper clipping of an article - that someone had won $10.3 million from Hamilton. Inquiring about this, her husband showed him the ticket and happily exclaimed that they were the ones who had won this jackpot prize. The couple was really happy with the news, as they were seriously worried about the future due to the loss of his job. But now they are all excited and plan to celebrate their win.

They plan to spend their million-dollar prize by repairing their old car, paying off their mortgage, and supporting their child's university education. Their main focus is to use their money to help others in need and remain as normal as they can.

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