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Iowa Lottery Introduces Major Changes To Retailer Lottery Terminals

2 years ago

Iowa Lottery players might have noticed some changes made by the state lottery to its retailer lottery terminals last weekend.

The lottery says that its recent changes with the operating system have opened the doors to using updated instruments, technology, and consumer-facing hardware. The Iowa Lottery Vice President of External Relations Mary Neubauer told RadioIowa, that it is a huge project that the lottery undertakes once in a decade because it involves replacing all of the equipment that the Lottery has in the field. So the red terminals used by retailers will be gone and replaced by black and white terminals with greater processing speeds. According to Iowa Lottery new and faster in-store equipment will help prepare for the big operating system upgrade.

These changes have taken place at about 2,400 retailers, but players who have bought their tickets recently would know that there's something more than just those shiny new terminals. The terminals are a bit faster than the old ones. They have a higher resolution, so everything is quite easier to read on the tickets. The signs back then just topped out at $999 million, but now the new jackpot signs can go up to billions if needed.

And who knows these signs do prove useful since the estimated Powerball jackpot is at $685 million currently.


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