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Virginia Pick 4 Lottery Produces $8.7 Million Payout After Drawing 9-9-9-9

1 year ago

Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 produced a lucky combination of numbers this week, igniting the payout amount to $8.7 million for players with winning tickets.

On Wednesday the Virginia Lottery produced the lucky quad of winning numbers - 9-9-9-9 for its Pick 4 Day drawing, leaving a lot of players in a happy and joyful mood. As per the official statement put out by the lottery, a total of $451,628 was wagered by the players for the August 31 afternoon drawing, and almost $8.7 million was won as total prizes. The winning tickets with a $1 wager won $5000 and the ones with a fifty-cent wager won $2500.

Speaking of the winning digits, number combinations with identical four digits are called "quads" and are quite a popular choice among many lottery players. This is probably why the prize payout for Virginia Pick 4 drawing was greater than usual. 

According to experts at The Lottery Lab, a few number combinations hold special significance for some lottery players, such as anniversary dates, birthdays, addresses, etc. Out of these digits, quads or a specific set of numbers are the most favored form of numbers. 

As per the Virginia Lottery rules, the odds of matching all four numbers in a Pick 4 drawing are 1 in 10,000. To have a detailed overview of the game odds, prizes, and the lottery payback rate, please visit the Prizes and Payouts page

All those players who won a portion of this enormous jackpot amount have 180 days from the date of the drawing, i.e, August 31 to claim their winnings. 

The Pick 4 drawings by the VA Lottery are held twice a day, at 1:59 pm EST and again at 11:00 pm EST. If you are still unaware of how the game works and want to learn how to pick the winning numbers, make sure you go through The Lottery Lab meticulously. 


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