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Louisiana Lottery Launches New Daily Drawing Pick 5 Game

2 years ago

August 1, 2021, marked the launch date of Pick 5 by the Louisiana Lottery, as the third game in its line of the daily numbers games that includes Pick 3 and Pick 4.

With the introduction of the brand new Pick 5 game, the Louisiana Lottery players will now have a chance to win $50,000 as a top prize, which includes classic and brand new play types that would help benefit the players.

According to the Louisiana Lottery president, Rose Hudson, the sales of the daily draw numbers game have shown solid growth over the last several years with fiscal year sales up more than 21% over the last year. He believes that the lottery's daily numbers game players are ready and waiting for something new with more options to play their favorite numbers.

Just like Pick 3 and Pick 4, Pick 5 also allows its players to wager their numbers Straight (Exact Order), Box (Any Order), and Straight/Box ($0.50 Straight play combined with $0.50 Box play). The top prize for matching all five numbers with a $1 Straight wager is $50,000 and the top prize with a $0.50 Straight wager is $25,000. The game has introduced six new play types, namely, Front Pair, Back Pair, Front Three, Back Three, Front Four, and Back Four, that can help players increase their possibility of winning.

As Pick 3 and Pick 4, Pick 5 will follow the same daily draw format but will not be drawn on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. The game is drawn every day at 9:59 PM CT via a computerized Random Number Generator.

The odds of matching all the five numbers in Exact Order are 1 in 100,000. So, hurry up, start marking your favorite lottery numbers, and walk home with the Louisiana Pick 5 lottery jackpot.


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