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Kentucky Man Wins Jackpot In The Newest Game Of The State Lottery

1 year ago

Last Monday, the official Kentucky Lottery conducted the first drawing for its newest daily jackpot game added - Kentucky 5

Kentucky 5 is the latest addition to the list of available games in the state of Kentucky, and the game is already celebrating its first jackpot winner. 

The Lottery President and CEO Mary Harville said, "Our players love jackpots, and we hear often that they want a game that is just played in Kentucky, we've introduced a game, our players will enjoy playing, and those additional sales will benefit students. This will be a win-win for Kentucky!"

For $1 per play, the players have to select five numbers from a pool of 1 to 39 or may select the Quick Pick option to let the computer terminal randomly generate the numbers. 

You can bag the jackpot, beating the odds of 1 in 575,757  and matching all five numbers. The top prize starts at $40,000, which keeps on growing by a minimum of $5,000 when there is no jackpot winner. Also, the expected sales may impact the size of the jackpot. 

As per the Kentucky Lottery rules, the prize money allocated to the jackpot is distributed on a pari-mutuel basis. Also, players who add the Xtra feature on their ticket for an extra $1 per play get the chance to multiply winnings, excluding the jackpot and the fixed $2 prize from matching two numbers. 

The first official drawing for the game took place at 11:00 pm ET (10:00 pm CT) on Monday, November 21. After a total of five draws the game produced its first top prize winner - a Louisville man who matched all the five numbers and won the $60,000 jackpot on Friday, November 28. 

On Friday, an anonymous winner bought the Kentucky 5 ticket at Kaders Market on Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Louisville but actually did not know that there is a new game up for sale. He didn't even know how to play the lottery so he opted for Quick Pick. And then Luck favored him for the rest! 

The Kentucky 5 drawings are held every day at 11:00 pm ET, or 10:00 pm CT. So hurry and grab your ticket now, who knows luck favors you next! 


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