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Pandemic Has Lead To Newfangled Ways For Claiming Lottery Prizes!

3 years ago

The global coronavirus pandemic has altered our ways of living quite significantly!

Truly said, even claiming your million-dollar lottery prizes has become all the more prodigious.

For the very first time in the history of Quebec’s Lottery, a winner was handed a check of $6million by a remarkable robot built by college students, according to the lottery officials.

Guylaine Desjardins, a resident of Laurentides, won the July 1, 2020, Lotto 6/49 drawing after playing her lucky numbers consecutively for 25 years. The grand winner bought the lucky ticket at her workplace and marked the following numbers - 1, 12, 27, 30, 34, 49, and bonus number 35, as she did every time. According to a news release by Loto-Quebec, Desjardins realized her $6 million win after quite some time, ending with a "Wait, let me go get my glasses!" The winning ticket held by Desjardins cost $3 a ticket to play the Canada-wide lottery game, Loto Quebec, which started in 1982 with the jackpot odds of 1 in nearly 14 million.

In a way, as the spread of the coronavirus has tamed our very ways of living a normal life, the health officials have started enforcing social distancing norms to curb the spread of coronavirus. This is why lottery officials came up with measures that turned out to be highly creative as well as safe for the lottery winners.

This whole thought process invented SARA, an automated robotic assistance system, which was built and designed in partnership by the students at the University of Quebec's school of engineering and Centech. The sci-fi robot was controlled by the students from the engineering school's Walking Machine club at the payouts ceremony held at the casino.

The lucky winner plans to spend her newfound riches on buying herself a three-wheel motorcycle, spoil her two loving sons, and travel once the pandemic safety guidelines are lifted.

The world is trying to live with the “new normal” and has been utilizing quarantine in the best way possible.

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