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Spike In Sales Growth For Few Lotteries Amid COVID-19 Pandemic!

3 years ago

While there are some lotteries that are still dealing with the drop in their sales budget due to the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are few state lotteriesthat are experiencing a surge in lottery sales.

As a result of the total shutdown of retailers across the country, players were generally limited to their ability to purchase the lottery tickets at convenience. Even the sales for Mega Millions and Powerball saw a major dip which led both the lotteries to lower the starting jackpot and determine the rollover amounts based on the sale of lottery tickets.

This crash in major jackpot lotteries has left the doors open for the game of the hour, the entertainment during hard times, the scratch-offs! As per the lottery officials, the trends observed based on the sale of lottery tickets and consumer behavior, depicted an increase in sales from $1.4 million to $16 million for the state of Montana.

Even for Texas Lottery, the sales were boosted to $26.5 million, alone for scratch-off tickets, which is a major 30% increase as compared to same week of last year. As per a business professor at Cornell University, this shift towards the scratch-off purchases was the result of instant gratification in such a strenuous situation. As per a few lottery officials, the massive rise in unemployment would lead people to the lottery centers where they want to take more risks to get what they have lost.

The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery too reported a surge in their scratch-off sales which actually helped them sustain the budget deficit. Thankfully the growth of lottery sales is getting back on track and may help the ones that are currently struggling. The blooming of instant tickets has actually saved the lottery industry from facing a major crash.

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