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Kentucky Lottery Misled Players To False Wins! 7 months ago

A lot of Kentucky Lottery players thought that their game just got lucky when they saw matching symbols printed on their Tic Tac Cash Fast Play tickets. The joy was soon turned down to disappointment when they got to know that those symbols were not the true indicators of their lottery win and that was the result of a software failure.

According to the Kentucky Lottery, a vendor software issue affected some machines which caused tickets for the Tic Tac Cash Fast Play game to contain "inaccurate images" which were not even part of the game. Some of the inaccurate images printed on the ticket were double exclamation marks or a half a star with one exclamation mark.

Around 500 tickets contained misprinted symbols that were not even part of the Tic Tac Cash game.

Since Fast Play tickets are printed just at the vending machine, they act like an instant scratch-off game in which the player will know right away if they have won by just looking at their ticket. Since these erroneous symbols were printed under the “Winning Symbols” section of the ticket, many players mistakenly believed that they had won when actually they had not.

After the whole issue, IGT and Kentucky Lottery released a statement which said that they have resolved the issue that impacted some of the Tic Tac Cash games purchased at Kentucky Lottery vending machines on October 18, 2020, and the morning of October 19, 2020.

In addition to this, the Kentucky Lottery also stated that no prizes shall be paid arising from the tickets that are produced or issued in error.

IGT has proposed a program for lottery players that are affected by the error. Along with this the lottery also encourages players with tickets in question to send an email to with details or call the Kentucky Lottery customer service hotline at 877-789-4532.


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