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Second Chance Luck Shines On A Cancer Survivor!

4 years ago

A cancer survivor hailing from Scotland Neck experienced luck shining brightly over his lottery play. Eric Alexander won a $100,000 lottery prize from scratch-off tickets entered in second-chance drawings.

Alexander had been battling Rhabdomyosarcoma, rare cancer that forms in soft tissues such as tissues of the skeletal muscle or hollow organs like the bladder.

On June 3, Alexander beat 1 in 10 million odds to win the top prize of the second chance drawing by entering his 10X The Cash scratch-off lottery tickets.

The winner commented, "I'm a cancer survivor, so I definitely believe in second chances".

Alexander was unable to check the lottery drawings as he did not had access to WiFi on June 3. After a few days when he received a congratulatory email from the lottery, he then called the lottery office to confirm his win.

The first person the lucky winner informed was his girlfriend, who he “couldn’t wait” to call. She responded all excitedly and was very happy for him.

The winner claimed the prize at the N.C. lottery’s headquarters in Raleigh on Wednesday. He took home a total of $70,750 after federal and state tax deductions. Alexander stated that he had given much thought on using his lottery winnings and decides on settling the future of his family and helping his close ones.

According to the North Carolina Lottery, the next second-chance drawing for Multiply the Cash is scheduled for September 9, with a deadline to enter, i.e. August 31.

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