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Kentucky Lottery Releases A New Game Based On Real-Time Horse Racing!

3 years ago

Kentucky Lottery has launched its new lottery game, Win Place Show based on real-time horse racing, statewide.

Win Place Show is the first of its kind launched by the Kentucky Lottery, based on a popular sport played widely in the State. Lottery players will have to purchase a $2 ticket will get three randomly selected racehorse names and numbers printed on their ticket, much like a Quick Pick ticket where numbers are generated randomly by the lottery terminal.

The results of the lottery are based on how the horses finish their respective race. The prizes to the lottery are won based on which horses finish in the top three spots of the race. The first lottery prize is awarded when a player matches the top three horses in the exact order, the second when the top three horses match in any order, and the third is won when any two of the top three horses match in the exact order. The first and the second prize pools for the game are based on that day's ticket sales for that game. The prize pool is equally split among all the winners for that drawing.

The draws or as the lottery puts, Races, are held almost daily approximately at 5:00 P.M. ET. Additional information on the race, such as race time, track name, etc will be printed on your lottery ticket.

Buck up Kentuckians, your favorite is now a lottery! Win money out of it sensibly!


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