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Australian Cleaner Bags Powerball Jackpot After Losing Job In Pandemic

2 years ago

An anonymous man from North Melbourne lost his job during the pandemic, but little did he know that his luck would take a favorable turn. He was struggling night and day, but soon became the sole winner of the $80 million (US$58.7 million) Australian Powerball jackpot.

It just took one single Powerball ticket on August 12, 2021, for the sleep-deprived cleaner to change his life for the better.

After grabbing the only winning ticket for the numbers, 4, 10, 17, 19, 21, 23, and 26, with Powerball number 7, the lucky man instantly became Australia’s third-biggest lottery winner, with enormous wealth in his hands. He was absolutely thrilled to learn about his record-breaking win. He told The Lott, that he checked his ticket late at night and just couldn’t sleep after that!

According to a press release the man is described as a middle-aged family man, who lost his job during one of the multiple lockdowns in Melbourne. Moreover, he has just bought a house and has been working as a cleaner ever since to make his ends meet.

Despite all the struggles in his life, the man continued to share a positive sentiment for his fellow players by encouraging them to not lose hope in whatever situation they are in and to keep trying, because we never know what the future beholds for us!

As for his future plans after winning the grand sum, he wants to check off the mortgage and any other outstanding bills. Other than this he wishes to save up for the future of his kids and wants them to have a life that he could never enjoy!

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