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Powerball and Mega Millions, Both Lottery Jackpots Top The $300 Million Club

1 year ago

A piece of good news for lottery players!!

This weekend all the players out there have the chance to bag two equally large jackpots, as both multi-state games Mega Millions and Powerball cross the $300 million mark.

To make your weekend exciting, we have Mega Millions at $380 Million and Powerball at $353 Million, which may continue to grow as it reaches the weekend party. With such huge jackpot amounts set for grabs, the most curious question here is whether the players will choose to buy tickets for one over the other or if they will try their luck for both opportunities! 

The North Carolina Lottery Executive Director, Mark Michalko said in a press release that whether the players choose to play Mega Millions or Powerball, a life-changing jackpot is up for grabs, and going for jackpots like these is always an exciting time for players in North Carolina. Also, he wished all the players the very best of luck! 

If you are not well versed with how both of these games work, their official rules, payouts, and how can you mark the winning numbers to any of these, do browse through The Lottery Lab and increase your chances of winning. 

Also if you are curious to know the odds that you have to fight against, then, let us break it down for you guys. The odds of matching all the five numbers plus the Mega Ball to win the Mega Millions jackpot are 1 in 302,575,350. The odds of matching all five numbers plus the Powerball number to crack the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. Both the games cost $2 a play! So, even if you are baffled seeing the odds, don't fret! We make sure that you do land on a prize tier and take home winning something at least, using our tools based on lottery data analysis! 

So hurry grab the tickets to your favorite game now, and start working on marking the winning numbers using our time-tested strategies. 

All the best!


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