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Florida Lottery To Revamp It’s Lotto Soon!

3 years ago

The Florida Lottery has officially announced the update of its most popular lottery game, Florida Lotto, this week.

Introduced in 1988, Florida Lotto has contributed over $10.3 billion in prizes and is now under the process of getting updated on October 8, 2020. Florida Lottery has planned some changes to be introduced in the game with respect to odds and prizes, player experience, and much more.

As per the Florida Lottery Director of Communications, Keri Nucatola, Florida Lotto is an established game brand that holds a large number of the loyal player base, which is why the Game has had very few changes over a span of 30 years. According to him, the state's longest-running lotto, was much in need of a refreshed structure to offer it's players some new and exciting ways to win, with of course better odds and payouts.

The Lottery officials have announced that the draw show and logo will be getting a refreshed look, whereas the draw times will remain the same. Currently, the draw show for Florida Lotto is aired on live television at 11:15 pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The game matrix will not be undergoing any changes and the Lottery will continue to make use of mechanical ball drawings for the updated Florida Lotto game.

According to a news release, by Florida Lottery, the price of the Lotto ticket will be increased from $1 to $2, the same as that of the Powerball and Mega Millions ticket. Some of the exciting features lottery players can expect, include a prize multiplier on every ticket for no additional cost. The multiplier number will automatically increase non-jackpot cash prizes by up to 10 times. The game will also formulate a new prize level for matching 2 of 6 winning numbers. Players can also expect an add-on option for an additional $1 or more that will give them a chance to win up to $250,000 in additional cash prizes.

Gear up lottery players, Florida Lotto is all set to surprise you with payouts and features that will blow your mind!

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