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Largest Ever In Canada, $70 million Lotto Max Jackpot

4 years ago

Records are already being broken in Lotto Max, one of Canada's nationwide lottery games in the first few days of the New Year. Today’s Lotto Max jackpot is a record-breaking $70 million, the biggest jackpot offered in Canadian history is up since Friday. The $70 Million grand prize is not the only one on the table. The drawings will also include an estimated 25 Maxmillion prizes — additional draws for prizes of $1 million each. If this Lotto Max Jackpot is won today, it will return to its starting point of $10 Million.

Regardless of the jackpot size, the odds of winning Lotto Max remain the same, about 1 in 33 million. While it may seem impossible, last August, an 84-year-old retired fisherman from Richmond did win a $60 million jackpot. This increase in Jackpot prize means an increase in good business for Youwu Chen at the Pelican Market on Lorne Avenue. Chen stated that on average, we see about $3,000 in sales for lottery tickets, but last week we saw $3,000 in one day, "We have the highest record in our store". The Lotto Max Corporation also informed the press that every dollar spent on lotteries, about one-third is returned to the WCLC's member corporations and also funds community programs, facilities, sport and art, and culture programs.


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