3 Unusual Stories Of Lottery Winners Who Predicted Their Winnings

Posted: Tuesday, Jan 07,2020 | Time: 05:23 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

3-unusual-stories-of -lottery-winners-who-predicted-their-winnings

Everyone has different techniques for picking their lottery numbers. Some simply use birthday and anniversary dates, while others apply mathematical techniques to pick the right number. But, a selective group of players chooses their lottery numbers from premonitions and dreams. Today, we will learn about three lottery players who landed massive lottery winnings by following their dreams.

A Lotto Winner Who Heard Her Win From Her Dead Brother

In 1998, Deane Sampson was having a tough time. Not only was she mourning the death of her brother, but the mother of two had only £7.64 in the bank. Thankfully something remarkable happened in her life. Deane, who was a regular lottery player, won a jackpot of approximately €6.3 million. But, there was something strange about her winning numbers. She had a vision of her brother in which he told her that she was going to win the jackpot. “I do believe someone up there was telling me something good was going to happen,” Deane said. She went further describing the incredible feeling - “First of all it’s pure shock – it’s not someone you’ve read about, it’s you. Then you panic – how will you deal with it?”  Deane’s story is something we would only expect to find in fiction books.

The Canadian Who Won €3.8 million

Another story is about the lottery winner Olga Beano who won a whopping lottery jackpot of €3.8 million. She had a dream featuring a particular set of lottery numbers. She trusted her gut and started playing with those numbers. But, nothing out of ordinary happened with those numbers. She played a number of lottery lines but only got small wins. After nearly trying for three decades her consistency paid off when she claimed the bumper jackpot. She said - “I know my numbers by heart, and I thought I saw them on the television screen the evening after the draw, but my eyes aren’t good. So I forgot about it.” Her winnings couldn't come at a better time. Ogla, a long-term cancer-sufferer was going with a tough time paying her medical bills. But, with her lottery winnings, she can now move on from her financial hardships and plan a better life.

The Senior Citizen Who Doubled Her Winning Share

This is the story of an 86-year old lottery winner - Mary Woolens, who was destined to be a lottery winner. She had already purchased a ticket with what would prove to be the winning numbers. A few days before the lottery drawing, she dreamt of a large cheque and a lotto ticket. Her dream inspired her to buy another lottery ticket with the same numbers. This was an astonishingly good decision. She held the winning combination for the draw. Another player also picked the right numbers, so Mary took home two-thirds of jackpot instead of only half of  €11.5 million.

These examples clearly show the value of our dreams. We often ignore messages from our subconscious, but some have powerful meanings. Never give up on your dreams because you never know where they will lead you.

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