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Are Lucky Charms Really Helpful In Picking The Winning Lottery Numbers!

Posted: Monday, Aug 17,2020 | Time: 11:01 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Everyone likes to be a bit lucky in life!

While few search for fulfillment and happiness, in their day-to-day lives, others dream of the day when Lady Fortune will smile and shine bright over them!

The feeling of being happy is deep-rooted in our very existence, no matter how much we believe in rationalism, superstitions, or charms.

Everything ultimately comes down to the juncture of “Being Happy”.

As lottery players, you might have always believed in playing particular lottery numbers, at a particular time for a particular game.

Ever wondered why?

Is it your,

-Lottery winning strategies?


-Or the faith in just getting lucky!

Winning a million-dollar lottery isn’t easy! It does require your efforts in carefully picking the numbers and then of course Luck - a major part to be dwelled upon!

At times astronomical illustrations or digits won’t give you much peace of mind and happiness when it comes to playing a Lottery. There are times when you would want to just cling your faith in certain good luck charms, superstitions, or symbols, that would work and may help you win the lottery.

Let’s take a ride into the enchanting world of Charms, Divination, and Superstitions which may help you win the lottery!

Good Luck Charms!

Talismans, charms, or amulets are believed to encapsulate certain magical powers. Traditionally it's believed, to make these objects work you need to touch them in a particular order. The touch of these lucky objects is considered fortunate.

Traditional folklores may include charms like a four-leaf clover, a rabbit's foot, an old copper penny, a horseshoe, or a silver coin.

American Indian folklore is also filled with lucky charms objects like Navajo mandalas, consisting of leather, feathers, fur, and even totem or shamanic animals.

The Four-Leaf Clover

The Four-Leaf Clover is a popular symbol of luck and is a famous lucky charm. Luck is not the only thing this charm symbolizes. It is a commonly known symbol for hope, faith, and love.

Lucky Penny

It was believed in ancient times, that objects made of metal offered protection from evil. Later it was believed that picking a lost penny on the streets turn out to be lucky for some!


For centuries, Jade has been used in Feng Shui. Jade is used to create a feeling of protection, harmony, balance, and good luck. Amulets, charms, and jewelry made from Jade are used for attracting wealth and good fortune.


Acorns are known as the symbol of luck, prosperity, and power, in England. Dry Acorns were carried by the English to protect themselves, during the Norman Conquest.


The Hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet which symbolizes the Hand of God. It is known as the protective sign. The amulet brings health, luck, happiness, joy, and good fortune.


Rainbows are considered quite lucky, as the legend puts it that if you dig at the end of a rainbow, you will find a pot of gold. Rainbows are considered a great symbol for sweepstakes fans. If you need something to keep you motivated to enter the sweepstakes and turn the odds in your favor, then there's nothing beautiful than this.


The art of telling the future by means of signs, omens, and auguries. Soothsayers in ancient times inspected animal bones and entrails to predict the future. These activities were called haruspication. Ancient Greeks used to pour wine into the bowl and observed the splash pattern, known as Kottabos. To determine one’s fate Polynesians used to spin a coconut or Niu.

Similar to these methods, people have created their own Divinations. Like tossing a coin, throwing dice, picking cards from a deck, or practicing Bibliomancy. Bibliomancy involves using your favorite book or the Bible to pick the winning numbers. People have used this technique by opening it to any page and then use numbers found on that page to place the bet.


These days many people find arty-crafty superstitions completely bizarre. Superstitions started with the ancient religions and arts. There are some beliefs that have originated from folklores across the lands.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common and uncommon superstitions you might be interested in while picking your lottery numbers.

❖Wear something red while picking your lottery numbers. According to Chinese Folklore, the red color frightens evil away.

❖Crossing your fingers for luck! This superstition was most likely derived from the Christian cross.

❖Not playing all odd numbers in one play! As per Chinese customs, the world is governed by two principles - Yin and Yang. Odds numbers belong to God and are known as Yang. While even numbers are known as Yin and belong to humans. If you select all the odd numbers for betting, you may anger the gods.

❖Playing the address of a lottery retailer.

❖Selecting jersey numbers of your favorite athlete.

❖If stuck in traffic, pick the numbers on the license plate of the vehicle ahead of you.

Success Stories!

"A Single Penny, a Huge Jackpot!"

Sean Llyod found a lucky penny on the ground and he knew something good was coming his way. This belief did turn the lucky penny into a whopping £1.8 million lottery win for Sean.

Sean had just finished his shift on the bus and was going to get lunch. He noticed a penny shining on the ground outside the shop which just made him feel lucky. Feeling so lucky, he bought the lottery ticket and rubbed the coin on the ticket to add some extra luck. This extra luck actually brought him a £1.8 million jackpot. He discovered the good news when he thought of checking his numbers before going to bed. The father was extremely happy to know he won the lottery by matching all the winning numbers along with a Bonus Ball. Sean was very much satisfied by knowing that the lottery win will now help him pay his daughter’s wedding bill.

"A winner Friend, a Lucky Charm!"

A person can turn out to be a lucky charm as well!. Andy Bownnleur, a resident of Virginia, rubbed the shoulder of his friend who has already been a lottery winner, before picking the numbers. Guess what, Bownnleur is now a $2 million lottery winner himself.

"Numbers from the Bible, a Big Lottery Win!"

A New Jersey resident, Bernie Bobowicz was going through his mother’s old Bible and saw some numbers on a page. A voice was telling him in the head to play these numbers in the lottery. Yes! He heard the voice and became a lucky $7 million New York Lotto winner.

As lottery players, we love our numbers, our strategies, and our lucky charms - rabbit’s foot, number 7, ladybugs, keys, fuzzy dice, etc. No matter how good a lottery tool is in helping you pick the right numbers. You will definitely back them with a lucky charm or at least pray,

May Lady Fortune shine on thine lottery numbers!

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