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Does The Quick Pick Method Really Work In Picking Winning Lottery Numbers?

Posted: Monday, Apr 05,2021 | Time: 12:42 pm | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


“Am I more likely to win if I choose my lottery numbers on my own or use Quick Pick?”

That question runs through the mind of every lottery player when they are purchasing a ticket!

Stepping into a lottery retailer’s store can make you feel all glitzy and hyped! It is time to buy some lottery tickets! You choose your favorite game, but the first question that pops into your head is: Should I opt for Quick Pick, or pencil in the numbers myself?

Which is the better option?

Can choosing the right method affect your chances of winning?

What Is the Quick Pick Method and Why Does It Matter?

Quick Pick lets the computer in the lottery terminal randomly generate numbers for you. Using it has an obvious advantage - it is super quick. It is a fast and convenient way of getting into the game and ensuring a chance to bag the jackpot. With Quick Pick, you don't have to spend time thinking about which numbers to play or strategize on which numbers to bet. You also don’t need any fancy techniques to win.

As we all know, lottery numbers are extremely random and the same goes for Quick Pick. The numbers selected by the terminal are completely random. So does it change your odds of winning if you guess your numbers yourself?

Selecting your numbers manual won’t change your odds of winning, but it might impact your winnings. You might wonder why? It’s because of human beings like patterns. They tend to select the same numbers. So, while someone is filling out their lottery playslip, they tend to mark numbers based on numbers that come to mind quickly. But a lottery terminal’s Quick Pick option does not behave in this biased manner.

Digging into this phenomenon a little more deeply, we as humans are inclined towards numbers that have meaning to us. These preferences include “lucky” digits, birth dates, ages, or anniversaries. This means that people other than you might be selecting the same numbers. This is particularly true of digits that fall between 1 and 31 because this range includes the days of months, ages of children, and the last two digits in the year since 2000. This means that when you win the jackpot with numbers commonly used by other players, you can end up sharing the jackpot with others.

What Does It Mean To Pick Your Own Lottery Numbers and Why Do It?

While the Quick Pick method has its set of advantages, choosing your own numbers comes with different benefits. Many advantage players enjoy the strategy of picking their numbers. These players tend to apply a suite of winning tips, tools, or techniques to find their winning ticket. Even those who chose to base their numbers on special dates take the view that “it is better to share a jackpot, than not win at all”. Some people simply use numbers they see around them such as from a fortune cookie to create their own random number generating system. You never know which of these might turn out lucky for you!

Some of these advantage players use a bit of reverse psychology to select their numbers. They specifically avoid numbers played most commonly by other players so they can have single ownership over their jackpot. Let's try to understand better. If all the lottery numbers have an equal chance of winning, then you can narrow down the odds of sharing your jackpot, by picking the most rarely selected numbers, which the Quick Pick method may not help you with!

Another thing weakness of Quick Pick comes into effect when you are buying multiple tickets. Quick pick won't ensure that you end up with unique numbers on each of your tickets. Yes, that's true! There's no guarantee that Quick Pick will not print a set of repeated digits on your tickets. And if your day is supremely unlucky, Quick Pick could even end up with two tickets with the exact same numbers on them, which people applying a ticket-buying strategy would never let happen.

Picking your numbers gives you the liberty of using a collection of winning methods or tools to get your hands on numbers that are favored by a lottery machine, the drawing pattern of the lottery machine, the outcome of possible bets, and many more. Adopting these lottery tools can improve your chances of bagging a prize.

Quick Pick vs. Self Pick? Which Is Better?

If there was a way to increase your chances of winning the lottery, everyone would have adopted it by now or the lottery commissions would have banned it. The very fact that there is a debate over Quick Pick vs. Self Pick clearly indicates there has been no obviously superior option.

Even looking at the data, an equal percentage of people play and win using each method. Jackpot winners have belonged to both categories.

So, it all comes down to what makes sense to you. If you want things to happen quickly without thinking about which numbers will help you win, or if you believe that Quick Pick can definitely help you crack the jackpot relying on randomness, then you should certainly go for this method and try your luck.

On the other hand, if you prefer to apply certain winning strategies, tips, and tools, or you want to mark your playslip with the numbers that are of personal significance, then you should definitely try your way of inking those shining digits on your ticket.

Above all, what stands out as most important is to ensure that you are playing a lottery responsibly with a set budget so that you can afford to keep playing. The chances of winning a huge jackpot in a single drawing aren’t worth betting your entire savings, rather you should strategically plan your lottery plays, put in the effort to understand the game, and make lady luck smile on you.

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