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Lottery Winners Who Played the Same Numbers for Years

Posted: Monday, Aug 19,2019 | Time: 06:18 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

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“Stick to your numbers” this is a piece of advice that many people adhere to. Well, it turned out to be good advice for some lottery winners who played the same numbers for years and managed to win in the end! Here is a list of some of them-

1. Michael Tran

Michael Tran from Boise, Idaho played the same numbers for 18 years before collecting his big prize. In June 2018, he won $2 million in the Powerball drawing. After scanning his lottery ticket on a mobile app, he was directed to contact the lottery office. Tran was confused because the numbers drawn in that drawing looked very familiar to him so he proceeded to check the results manually. He had purchased two sets of numbers on his lottery ticket. His ticket matched the first five numbers but not the Powerball on one line of his ticket, and four of the first five numbers but not the Powerball on the second. Since he had purchased the Powerplay feature on his lottery ticket, the combined value of the prizes totaled $2,000,300. According to the Idaho lottery, Tran said he wants to spend his money on a new house and save the rest of it.

2. Gregory Errthum

Gregory Errthum, from North Carolina, won big after playing the same numbers for 32 years. He had a positive feeling about his numbers and kept playing because he believed that his win was just around the corner. He was right indeed! After playing the same numbers for years he won $150,000 in Powerball.  He won $50,000 on his primary bet but he also had an add-on bet (Power Play) and the multiplier for that draw was 3X which resulted in a combined cash prize of $150,000. Gregory said he wants to live his life a bit more comfortably now because has he worked hard to take care of his two children, three stepchildren, and grandchildren.

3. Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey is a retired government employee from Manhattan, who won the largest jackpot in New York history (at the time of his winning). He stayed loyal to his numbers for over 25 years before hitting it big! Ever since a family member gave him the numbers, he has played them regularly. In October 2018, he won a $343.3 million jackpot. He took the lump sum option and took home $125.3 million after taxes.

Why do people play the same numbers?

Apart from this being a popular option, there is a psychological aspect to playing the same numbers over and over. People develop an attachment to numbers they think are lucky to them like birthdays, anniversaries, locker combinations, house numbers, phone numbers, etc. Additionally, playing the same numbers is a way to avoid regret. If you change your numbers all the time, there is a chance that one day you will see the numbers you bet yesterday to come up today.  And you will think "I wish I had stuck with my  numbers.”

For instance, there is an incident about a lady from Eastern France who used to play the same lotto with the same numbers regularly. One day, she played her numbers on a different lottery game because the jackpot for that lottery was high. The next day she read her numbers in the newspaper but they were the winning numbers for the lotto she played regularly. Being faithful to the same numbers over and over avoids such heartbreak.

But are the numbers you are playing really helpful? It depends upon the combination you’re playing. If you are playing a combination like 1-2-3-4-5-6 you might discover that when you do win, you have to share your prize with lots of people who were doing the same thing. But if you are playing a balanced and functional number combination; your big prize might be just around the corner. Check the tightness of your number combination today. Visit The Lottery Lab and take advantage of our advanced tool!

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