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Which Second Chance Lotteries Improve Your Odds To Win!

Posted: Tuesday, Nov 17,2020 | Time: 04:14 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff


Turn your lost ticket into a Lottery Win!

Losing a lottery might not be fun, but it is not the end of the world!

For some games, there is no end to your chances to win BIG!

If you end up landing at the right place and at the right time, you might be a lottery winner even if you think you have a losing lottery ticket in your hands!


Second Chance Draws Are Your Chance To Win The Lottery Even After Losing!

Let’s focus on how!

What Are Second Chance Lottery Draws?

As the name suggests, Second Chance Draws gives you the chance to enter your non-winning tickets into a new drawing so you get another shot at your lottery win!

Almost every state that operates a lottery holds some kind of second chance drawing to help you nab a lottery prize! Typically, the prizes for these drawings range from $500 to as much as $1,000,000, depending on the lottery you decide to play. Some Second Chance Draws offer non-monetary prizes such as new cars, gift cards, vacation packages, and much more. With Second Chance Draws, all non-winning tickets are entered into a second game, so it is important that you check the deadlines, drawing times, and play responsibly. Who knows? Your golden ticket may start out looking like garbage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all games include Second Chance Draws and some states offer different Second Chance Draws for different games.

Which Tickets Are Eligible For Second Chance Draws?

EVERY non-winning is eligible for Second Chance Draws! The details of a Second Chance Draw may vary from one lottery to another but one thing remains the same across all games - it is the non-winning tickets that matter!

Just think of all those tickets littering your purse, drawers, and cars? Hurry up, check their dates and eligibility ASAP, and get your second chance to win the game!

Your lucky ticket might be waiting for you to give it a second look!

What Are The Odds Of Winning The Second Chance Draws?

The odds of winning the second chance drawing vary from game to game and even from one state lottery to another. This is because many of the Second Chance Drawings operate much like a raffle.

That is, the number of lottery players who enter the second chance drawing determines the overall odds of the game. You can have quite a fair chance of winning the prize. For example, the odds of winning Fantasy 5 of California Lottery is 1 in 575,757 but the odds of winning the Second Chance Draw completely depend on the total number of entries received and the total number of entries each player submits.

Which U.S. Lotteries Offer Second Chance Draws?

Around 43 of the 44 state lotteries offer second chance draws. The promotions for these draws vary from state to state and even from game to game. There are even a few lotteries that offer multiple second-chance drawings so that you always have a chance to win your favorite lottery.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular State Lotteries which offer Second Chance Draws to win the lottery!

Arizona Lottery

To enter your Arizona Lottery tickets just enter the Second Chance promotions by clicking on Player Rewards or by going to, and reward yourself!

California State Lottery

Get another chance to win lottery prizes with bonus and promotional draws. All you need to do is create your California Lottery Account and submit the 2nd Chance code on your eligible SuperLotto Plus, non-winning Scratchers, or $5 or more Fantasy 5 ticket. You also have the option of registering yourself on the official lottery website scan your code into 2nd Chance using the Lottery mobile app. Quite easy to grab a lucky second chance?

DC Lottery

Grab another opportunity to bag the DC Lottery prizes by just entering your non-winning tickets to the Second Chance Program and enjoy your lucky chance to double the lottery prize.

Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery allows entering non-winning tickets or vouchers into Second Chance drawings for an opportunity to win great prizes! You just need to register or create an account on the lottery website. After entering into an active second chance promotion, you need to retain the ticket or the voucher and must present the original ticket and the voucher entered in a second chance promotion to claim a prize.

Massachusetts Lottery

The VIP club of Massachusetts Lottery gives you the chance of entering into the Second Chance Promotions, get the latest information on new games and jackpot. You can download the MA Lottery Second Chance App to scan your non-winning tickets in seconds and grab your chance to win the lottery.

Pennsylvania Lottery

The VIP Players Club of the Pennsylvania Lottery allows you to enter your non-winning tickets to Second Chance Draws and Promotions for more opportunities to win. Come on! Search for your lost tickets and enter into the Second Chance Drawings.

Oregon Lottery

Turn your non-winning Oregon Lottery tickets into a winning one by just entering into the Second Chance Draws and grab the lucky chance. You just need to register on the official website of the Oregon Lottery and enter your ticket for the draw online. Hurry up! Catch the lucky chance of winning the lottery.

West Virginia Lottery

Ignite the luck of your losing West Virginia Lottery ticket with a chance to enter into the Second Chance Draws. To grab your lucky chance to win, just complete the free, one-time registration process. Start checking your tickets now! Who knows it could be your missed chance to win the lottery!

These were some of the lotteries that offer you the special chance to try your luck again and see your losing ticket turn into a winner. In addition to these states, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Georgia, Idaho, Washington, New Jersey, Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, and many more have the option of turning your lost ticket into a potential Lottery win!

I am sure we will see you as a lottery winner soon!

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