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  • You have to be 18 or older to purchase a The Pick lottery ticket.
  • They don’t televise or publish the drawn numbers on the website to determine the winner; rather, the Arizona State Lottery Official audits records of the numbers drawn to determine the winner. Winning ticket holders need to claim their prize within 180 days or it will be voided.
  • In case you win the jackpot, you can either opt to have your money in installments for a 30-year annuity or you can go for lump-sum cash which will be almost half of the announced jackpot after taxes. Well, either way, you are leaving with a lot of money. To choose the annuity, you have 60 days, but after that, you can have the prize paid out as lump-sum cash.
  • Odds of winning a prize with EXTRA! can deviate.
  • Drawing game can’t be voided as all sales are final!

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