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  • The legal image of playing Arkansas Cash 3 is 18 years and above.
  • Players are themselves responsible for the preciseness of their ticket, not the lottery authorities or retailers.
  • Players have to claim their winnings within a period of 180 days, else their winnings will be fortified.
  • All lottery games are subjected to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act and Arkansas State Laws.
  • Winners can only claim their prize by presenting the ticket and not the playslip. Your ticket is the only document for claiming your prize.
  • You need to specify the wager amount in the playslip. If not marked the default amount is $1
  • Cash 3 tickets can only be canceled within 20 minutes of its printing.
  • You can mark only one number per column. Select any 3 numbers between 0-9.
  • The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery prizes are subject to all applicable taxes and debt setoff.

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