The Arkansas Cash 4 lottery is known to offer some of the best odds of winning cash prizes. Thus, the game is most favored by players and produces innumerable winners every day. Over the years, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has worked on building a winning future for its people. In November 2008, the voters of Arkansas approved the ballot question, legalizing the sale of tickets there. Since 2009, the lottery has raised more than $930 million which has assisted them in providing more than 542,000 college scholarships. The offered scholarships are available for non-profit, private and public, two- and four-year colleges and universities.

What happens when you win?

Dive in The Lottery Lab and confirm your winning numbers with us. Prizes worth $500 or less should be claimed by visiting any Office of the Arkansas Lottery Retailer or the claim center. You can redeem your winnings by filling out the claim form available at OAL and the official website and then mail on-to the official lottery mailing address provided. To claim prizes above $500, you need to visit the Office of the Arkansas Lottery retailer or fill the Claim form. Redeem prizes $25,000 and above by having in-person appointments by mailing the claim center. It is highly advised, before claiming your prizes, you should consult a team of professional financial managers, accountants, tax attorneys, etc for proper allocation of your funds. You should also confirm if your state allows you to claim your winnings anonymously.
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