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  • The legal age of playing Cash 5 is 18 years.
  • Players, themselves are responsible for the details filled in the playslip. Neither the lottery authorities or retailers are responsible for any inaccuracy of the ticket.
  • Players can claim their winning within a period of 180 days, else their winnings will be fortified.
  • The lottery games are strictly subjected to Colorado State Laws and Colorado Revised Statutes.
  • Winners can claim their prizes by presenting their ticket and not the playslip.
  • If you have made any mistake in the playslip, mark the VOID box and use the next play.
  • You can win the jackpot by matching your Cash 5 numbers to the winning numbers in any order.
  • If there is more than one jackpot winner, the prize amount will be distributed equally among all the jackpot winners.
  • Prizes above $5,000 are liable to Federal and State tax deductions of 24% and 4% respectively.

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