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The Colorado Lotto+ is quite a good revamped version of the Colorado Lotto. Though the remodeled version is charged a little higher than the original one but offers improved odds of winning the game. The changes in the format and improved odds in the renewed lottery offer higher chances of winning and exciting prize amounts. The lottery has always worked on reinvesting the proceeds into Colorado for parks, recreation, open space, wildlife projects, and public school construction.

About The Commission

The Colorado Lottery Commission plays a vital role in governing the developments of Colorado Lottery and in fulfilling their trustee duties with regards to all Lottery games operated by the Lottery.

The mission of the Commission is to ensure that all games marketed by the Colorado Lottery are done with security and protection of the integrity of the games and organization of the Colorado Lottery. The Commission comprises of five members appointed by the Governor with the consent and approval of the Colorado Senate.

Colorado State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -Parks, Trails, Pools, Open Space, and Schools

Colorado State Lottery Contact Information

Colorado Lottery,
PO BOX 7, Pueblo,
CO 81002.

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