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The Connecticut Lottery was created in 1971 and since then is committed to various corporate initiatives. The CT lottery aims in generating revenue in an entrepreneurial for the State of Connecticut, completely consistent with the highest standards of good public policy and social responsibility, by offering products to their players that are fun and entertaining, and by ensuring the public’s trust through integrity and honesty. For CT Lottery, Lotto! debuted in October 1989 and since then has become the most played game due to its rich historical data on Classic Lotto, which makes it easier for you to pick numbers with the greatest probability of winning.

What happens when you win?

Go through The Lottery Lab, before and after each drawing, and confirm your winning numbers with us. Lotto! prizes worth $599 or less should be claimed by visiting any local CT lottery retailer. For claiming lottery prizes up to $5,000 you need to visit the CT Lottery Headquarters, or, you can also fill the Claim form and mail to the Connecticut Lottery. Winning tickets for prizes $5,001 to $49,999 should be claimed by visiting CT Lottery Headquarters in person. For claiming winnings of $50,000 or above you must visit Connecticut Lottery Headquarters in person. It is highly advised to consult a team of professional financial managers, accountants, tax attorneys, etc for proper allocation of your funds before claiming your win. Confirm if your state allows you to claim your winnings anonymously or not.
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