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The Delaware Multi-Win draws are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a minimum jackpot of $50,000, which keeps on rolling with each draw until there’s a winner. The draws are held at 7:57 pm and you are eligible to purchase the lottery tickets by 7:30 pm on the day of the draw. The game offers some of the best odds to crack in the state of Delaware. The game offers you the Advance Draw option of playing the same numbers again on the same ticket for up to ten consecutive draws.

The table below illustrates the odds of winning and payouts potential of Delaware Multi-Win Lotto.

Single Line Win

Numbers Matched Win Odds
6 out of 6 Jackpot 1 in 1,623,160
5 out of 6 $500 1 in 9,328.5
4 out of 6 $20 1 in 266.5
3 out of 6 $2 1 in 22.2

Combination Win

Numbers Matched Win Odds
10 $1000 1 in 25,203.2
9 $100 1 in 2,765.6
8 $20 1 in 415.7
7 $5 1 in 85.1
6 $3 1 in 23.8
0 $2 1 in 39.9
The overall odds of winning are 1 in 5.7.

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