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DC-5 is a game drawn twice daily with different wager like Straight, Box, etc., which multiplies your winning amount according to the bet type selected. Since the establishment of the DC Lottery, more than $2.14 billion has been contributed to the District General Fund. The General Fund of the District of Columbia supports essential services such as education, public safety, recreation and parks, housing, and child and senior services. Over the past 38 years, DC-5 has become one of the biggest draw games of the lottery due to its increased prize amounts and odds of winning.

What happens when you win?

Dive in The Lottery Lab before and after each drawing and confirm your winning numbers with us. Lottery prizes up to $600, should be claimed by visiting any office of the lottery or gaming agent. You can also visit the official address of the lottery and the Gaming Prize Center. For claiming prizes more than $600, up to $5,000, you can visit the Office of Lottery and Gaming Prize Center. Winning tickets for prizes above $5,000, should be claimed at the Office of Lottery or Gaming Prize Centre. The lottery also offers you the option of claiming any prize amount through the mail. The mailing ticket should be accompanied by a complete claim form, original winning ticket, and government-issued photo ID proofs including passport, driving license, social security card, etc. We advise you to consult a team of professionals accountants, financial managers, tax attorneys, for proper allocation of funds. Confirm if your state allows you to claim your winnings anonymously or not.
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