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The Florida lottery is deep-rooted in the past established years and strives to offer games that not only provide entertainment to the public but also prizes worth winning and supports the education system of Florida. With Florida Pick 2 you can play and get paid on just the same day. With each jackpot win, you can bag as much as $50 due to some really good odds of 1 in 100. The Pick 2 drawings are held twice every day at approximately 1:30 p.m. ET and 9:45 p.m. ET., boosting your chances to play and win. The game also offers add-on options like Advance Play and 1-OFF, so that you never miss that chance of winning. You just need to select 2 numbers, 1 for each column along with your choice of play type.

The table below depicts the odds of winning and payouts potential of Florida Pick 2.

Playtype Odds $0.50 Bet Prize $1 Bet Prize
Straight 1 in 100 $25 $50
Box 1 in 50 $12.50 $25
Straight/Box 1 in 100/
1 in 50
$12.50 (Box) $37.50 (Straight)
Straight 1 in 100 N/A $25
1 -OFF on 1 digit 1 in 25 N/A $3
1 -OFF on 2 digits 1 in 25 N/A $3
Front Number/Back Number
Front Number 1 in 10 $2.50 $5
Back Number 1 in 10 $2.50 $5

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