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The Georgia Cash 3 lottery holds its draws thrice a day, seven days a week, thereby increasing your chances to win every day. Your increased number of chances to win are accompanied by some exciting odds of winning, which is 1 in 1000 which are pretty fair in terms of the $500 jackpot offered by the game. To mark your win, you have to choose the desired numbers, wager amount, and the play types which also help in the multiplication of your winnings. To play more than one Cash 3 draw, you can select Multi Draws for up to 7 consecutive draws to increase your chances of winning.

The table below depicts the different ways you can play Cash 3 and how it affects your odds and prize payout potential.

Match Prize Odds (1 in) Payback Rates
Straight $500 1,000 5000%
Box (6-way) $80 167 47.90%
Straight + Box (6-way) - Straight match $290 1,000 29.00%
Straight + Box (6-way) - Box match $40 167 23.95%

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