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The Georgia Lottery was established in November 1992, by the residents of Georgia to boost the educational funding of the state. The Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) was created by The Lottery for Education Act to oversee and operate the lottery. Within a year of operation, the lottery produced $1.1 billion in total sales. The per capita sales made the Georgia Lottery the most successful start-up state lottery ever. According to the laws, half of the money goes to prizes, one-third to education, and the remaining to operating and marketing the lottery. The lottery introduced Fantasy 5 on November 14, 1994. Since then, the game has been widely played and has offered multiple prizes fulfilling the dream of Georgians.

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About The Commission

Georgia Lottery also known as the Georgia Lottery Corporation is operated by the government of Georgia, United States. By law, half of the money produced by the lottery goes to prizes. One third to education and the remaining to operating and marketing the lottery. The money allocated for education funds the HOPE Scholarship. The lottery continuously works to improve their games, deliver products, and serve their customers. The lottery takes personal responsibility for reaching the Corporation's goal to maximize returns to HOPE and Pre-K.

Georgia State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -Pre-K Program & HOPE Scholarships

Georgia State Lottery Contact Information

Georgia Lottery Corporation
250 Williams Street, Suite 3000
Atlanta, GA 30303
Main Office: 404-215-5000
Hotline: 1-800-GA-LUCKY
Email: [email protected]

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