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The Kansas 2by2 is one of the hot favorite lotteries played across multiple states including Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota,  Wyoming, and of course Kansas. The draws for the game are held every day at 9:30 P.M. along with the option of playing your numbers for up to 28 consecutive draws thereby multiplying your chances to win the lottery. The game also gives you the option to double your winnings by playing the 2by2 Tuesday as long as you purchase a ticket for consecutive draws in multiples of 7, i.e. 14, 21, and 28 draws. To bag that lottery win, select 2 numbers from the first set of 1 to 26 numbers and mark it in the Red play area and 2 numbers from the second set of 1 to 26 numbers and mark it in the White play area. If your selected numbers match the drawn numbers you bag the winning Kansas 2by2 lottery prizes.

The table below depicts the odds of winning and the payouts potential of Kansas 2by2.

Match Prize Odds (1 in) Payback Rates
2+2 $22,000 292,201,338 0%
1+2 $100 11688053.52 0%
2+1 $100 913129.18 0%
0+2 $3 36525.17 0%
2+0 $3 14494.11 0%
1+1 $3 579.76 1%
0+1 $1 701.33 0%
1+0 $1 91.98 1%

*If there are more than ten $22,000 or $44,000 winners in a drawing, the top prize may become pari-mutuel.

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