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Hot Numbers

You can win a prize in Lotto America when the numbers you select, match the winning numbers drawn. The more the numbers get matched, the greater the payout. The value of the non-jackpot prizes can be increased by playing the All Star Bonus.

The jackpot starts at $2 Million and rolls up to the next drawing if there is no winner. The jackpot keeps rolling until there is no winner as there is no jackpot cap, and the grand prize has been known to roll over for several months, pushing it well beyond $10 million.

If there is more than one winner to the Jackpot, the money will be shared between all the players in the Match 5 + Star Ball category. Rest all other payouts are fixed, starting from $2 for matching the Star Ball on its own or with a single main number.

The table below illustrates the different prizes on offer in Lotto America and the odds of winning each one.

Match Prize Odds (1 in) Payback Rates
5+1 $3,100,000 25,989,600 6%
5 $20,000 2887733.33 0%
4+1 $1,000 110594.04 0%
4 $100 12288.23 0%
3+1 $20 2404.22 0%
3 $5 267.14 1%
2+1 $5 160.28 2%
1+1 $2 29.14 3%
0+1 $2 16.94 6%

The overall chances of winning any payout are 1 in 9.6

All Star Bonus

In addition to the main Lotto America game, if you play All Star Bonus any non-jackpot prize you win will be multiplied by up to five times its original value, by paying an additional $1 per play. The All Star Bonus includes, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x, which is randomly determined in a separate draw and announced when the main drawing takes place. You can opt for this wager when you get your lottery ticket printed. All Star Bonus is not eligible for multiplication if you have won the Jackpot.

Pari-Mutuel Prize Amounts

In extreme payout circumstances, when there are more winners than expected, there may not be enough money in the prize fund to pay out the specified amounts. In these situations, the MUSL may use the reserve fund, otherwise, the prizes become pari-mutuel. If this situation arises, then the prize amounts will depend on the number of winners, as well as how much money is available from the sale of lottery tickets.

The table below illustrates how the prize pool will be split if there is not enough money to pay:

Lotto America Prize Tier Percentage Allocation

Match Percentage of Prize Pool Allocated to Prize
5 + Star Ball 46.20%
5 1.40%
4 + Star Ball 1.80%
4 1.60%
3 + Star Ball 1.70%
3 3.80%
2 + Star Ball 6.20%
1 + Star Ball 13.70%
0 + Star Ball 23.60%

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