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The Louisiana Pick 3 drawings are held every day at 09:59 p.m. offering great odds and increased chances of winning. Pick 3 by the Louisiana Lottery is a daily draw game, which offers multiple ways for you to win. You just need to pick 3 numbers from 0 to 9, along with the play type which determines your lottery winnings. If your selected numbers match the winning numbers of the draw according to your wager, you bag the jackpot. The game also lets you play up to 14 consecutive future draws in advance by marking the Multi-Draw option on your playslip. The game also provides you with the chance to play a future draw in the next six days to increase your chances of winning.

The table below depicts the different ways you can play Pick 3 and how it affects your odds and prize payout potential.

Playtype $0.50 Bet $1 Bet Odds
Straight $250 $500 1 in 1,000
Box: 3-Way $80 $160 1 in 333
Box: 6-Way $40 $80 1 in 167
Straight/Box 3-Way $330 (exact)
$80 (any)
1 in 1,000
1 in 333
Straight/Box 6-Way $290 (exact)
$40 (any)
1 in 1,000
1 in 167
Combo 3-Way $250 ($1.50 play) $500 ($3 play) 1 in 167
Combo 6-Way $250 ($1.50 play) $500 ($3 play) 1 in 333

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