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Lucky For Life has updated its drawings from every Monday and Thursday to every day. The increased number of drawings will help the lottery players to bet on their favorite numbers every day thereby increasing your possibility to win the lottery prizes.  You just have to pay $2 for one game and select five numbers from 1 to 48 and one Lucky Ball from 1 to 18, or can choose a Quick Pick and have your numbers randomly generated. If you match all five main numbers plus the Lucky Ball, on the day of the drawing, then you have won the Jackpot.

The table below illustrates the breakdown of the payouts along with the odds of winning Lucky For Life:

Match Prize Odds (1 in) Payback Rates
5+1 $1,000 30,821,472 0%
5 $25,000 1813028 1%
4+1 $5,000 143356 3%
4 $200 8433 2%
3+1 $150 3413 4%
3 $20 201 10%
2+1 $25 250 10%
2 $3 15 20%
1+1 $6 50 12%
0+1(Lucky Ball only) $4 32 13%

The overall Odds of winning any Lucky for Life prize are 1 in 7.8 based on a $2 wager

Lucky for Life Prizes Options

The prize options have a minimum payment period for the top and second prizes which is 20 years.

Both the prize options have a choice of a Cash Option as an alternative to the Annuitized Payment Option, as described in the table below. Prizes that are governed by "split-prize" liability are equally divided among the winning tickets and can be less than depicted.


Winners Annuitized Payment Option Cash Option
1 $1,000 a day for life $5,750,000.00
14-Feb $1,000 a day for life* $5,750,000.00*
15 or more (No annuitized payment option) $7,125,000.00*


Winners Annuitized Payment Option Cash Option
20-Jan $25,000 a year for life $390,000.00
21 or more (No annuitized payment option) $9,400,000.00*

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