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How to play and win Michigan Fantasy 5?

All you have to do is select 5 numbers from a field of 1 to 39, and mark it on your playslip. Or opt for Easy Pick to get your numbers randomly generated. You bag the prize by matching these numbers to the drawn numbers. The jackpot starts at $1,00,000, and keeps on growing until there’s a winner! To make your game more interesting and to increase your payouts, Michigan Lottery provides you with game add on options, such as EZmatch and Double Play. You are also offered the chance of playing your numbers for up to 60 consecutive draws, thereby increasing your chances to win!

How much does a Michigan Fantasy 5 lottery ticket cost?

A fantasy 5 ticket costs $1 for each play. The game offers EZmatch and Double Play for an additional $1 that lets you instantly win up to $500 and double your non-jackpot winnings, respectively.

What is EZmatch?

EZmatch is a Michigan Lottery game add-on feature that provides its players the opportunity to win cash prizes up to $500 instantly for an additional $1. Adding EZmatch to your ticket will let you have five EZmatch numbers and instant prize amounts printed on your ticket. If any of your EZmatch numbers match the drawn numbers you instantly win the printed prize amount.

How much time do I have to claim a Michigan Fantasy 5 Lottery prize?

Fantasy 5 winnings are valid until 180 days from the date of draw. You need to claim your winnings within the stipulated time, otherwise, the winnings will be fortified.

Can a Michigan Fantasy 5 lottery ticket be canceled?

No, Fantasy 5 tickets are not liable to be canceled. This is why it is highly advised to check your ticket carefully before leaving the retailer and sign the back of it for proper authentication.

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