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The Missouri Lottery was established in 1985, and since 1994 has utilized its proceeds to help fund the state's public education programs. The lottery began selling its lottery tickets on January 20, 1986. The executive director oversees the organization and reports all of it to a five-member commission that is appointed by the governor. May Scheve Reardon took over as the Executive Director of the Missouri Lottery in December 2009. Initially, the lottery proceeds were directed to Missouri's General Revenue Fund. In 1992, the voters approved Amendment 11, which resulted in the allocation of funds to public education. The proceeds for the Lottery are appropriated by the Legislature and since July 1993 have been allocated to education programs.
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About The Commission

The Missouri Lottery Commission comprises of five members, appointed by the governor and approved by the Senate, to govern the Lottery. Not more than three people of the same political party can be the members of the Commission, as stated in Missouri Statute 313.215. The Commissioners do not receive any salary and serve various terms, ranging from one to three years.

The Commission enforces the supervisory role over the lottery by issuing rules and appointing a director. The Director is liable to run the day-to-day business of the lottery, including the hiring of employees, issuing licenses and negotiating contracts with vendors.

Missouri State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -State General Fund solely for public education

Missouri State Lottery Contact Information

3630 Arrowhead Ave.
Independence, MO 64057
Phone: (816) 795-8811
Fax: (816) 795-7672

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