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The Montana Lottery was established by a citizen referendum which was passed on November 4, 1986, by 68.97% of voters. The lottery has generated more than $281 million to date to benefit the state of Montana and has paid more than $694 million in prizes to lottery winners. The Montana Lottery sold its first lottery ticket on June 24, 1987. Since 1990, the revenue generated by the Montana Lottery has gone to the Montana General Fund, where lawmakers use the revenuesalong with all other state revenues – to fund the majority of state government and programs.
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About The Commission

Montana Lottery is governed by the Administrative Rules of Montana and Montana law. Montana's Lottery Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor, and each Commissioner is appointed for a four-year term and the terms are staggered. The lottery profits are directed to the state’s General Fund to fund the majority of state government programs.

Montana State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -An Assortment of Educational programs thru the State General Fund

Montana State Lottery Contact Information

Montana Lottery
2525 North Montana Avenue
Helena, MT 59601-0598
Phone: 406-444-5825

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