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Hot Numbers

Your favorite Multi-State lottery game began in 2017, operated by the MUSL. The game takes its original name from the original Lotto America, offered from 1988 to 1992. Lotto America was re-launched by 13 state lotteries on November 12, 2017.

Initially, Lotto America started in 1988 when a co-operative of seven U.S. lotteries came together to offer a game in which jackpot prizes could reach tens of millions of dollars. This Multi-State Association included Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Rhode Island, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia formed in 1987, and the first Lotto America drawing took place soon after.

The Structural Changes!

The original version of Lotto America was a $1-per-play, with a pick-7-of-40 game, rather than the pick-6 games that had become wildly popular in U.S. lotteries. Matching four numbers won a fixed prize of $5 and matching at least five won a parimutuel prize. Matching all the seven numbers won the jackpot, whose odds were roughly 1 in 18 million, at that time the longest odds of a U.S. lottery game. The top prize was a 20-year annuity and there was never a cash option, even though a few games did offer one when Lotto America ended.

During its mid-years, the game exhibited a more traditional pick-6-of-54 game, unlike the first version, in which players got two games for $1. The odds of winning the Jackpot more favorable - 1 in 13 million per dollar; however, the overall odds were much tougher, since four numbers were still needed to win the lowest prize tier. This version of the game was entirely parimutuel.

The rapidly growing population base of MUSL resulted in the replacement of Lotto America with Powerball in 1992, with Jackpot Odds of 1 in 55 Million.

The 2017 Revival!

Due to the falling sales of Hot Lotto, a new version of Lotto America was introduced on November 12, 2017, with its first drawing on November 15, 2017. Lotto America is the first-ever multi-state lottery to make a comeback! On November 15, 2017, Lotto America replaced the multi-state Hot Lotto game. The main game costs $1 and players have the option to buy a special feature called the All-Star for an additional $1.

You need to pick five main numbers from 1-52 and then pick a Star Ball number from 1-10. Odds for winning the jackpot are 1 in 25,989,600 and the overall odds are 1 in 9.8. The Lotto America holds draws every Wednesday and Saturday, following by Powerball draw at approximately 11:15 PM ET. Ticket sales are cut off roughly an hour before. By purchasing a Lotto America lottery ticket in any state, the players are granting the respective Lottery permission to use the winner's name, city, county, state of residence, prize amount, and photograph to publicize their winnings.

MultiState Lottery State Lottery Beneficiaries

Proceeds from Lottery ticket sales and unclaimed prizes go back to the community for -State General Fund

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