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What is the New Jersey Pick 4 lottery?

New Jersey Pick 4 is a daily Draw game, where players select 4 numbers, each from 0 to 9, to bag a top prize of $5000. The game was introduced in July 1977, and since then has produced a considerable number of winners.

How much does a New Jersey Pick 4 ticket cost?

New Jersey Pick 4 costs 50 cents to $5 per play. The cost multiplies depending on the types and the number of plays you select.

What is FIREBALL in New Jersey Pick 4?

By selecting FIREBALL for the same price as your base wager amount, you can create winning combinations by replacing a drawn winning number with the FIREBALL number.

What is a Pair Bet?

Pair Bet lets you select only 2 numbers. For the Front Pair, you need to match the first two winning numbers and for Back Pair, you have to match the last two winning numbers and win!

When is New Jersey Pick 4 drawings held?

The New Jersey Pick 4 drawings are held twice daily at 12:59 p.m. for the MID draw and 10:57 p.m. for the EVE draw. You are eligible to purchase the lottery tickets till 12:53 p.m and 10:53 p.m. for the respective drawings.

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