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Treasure Hunt is one of those exclusive Pennsylvania Lotteries that gives its players the chance to win the lottery jackpot every day against some super favorable odds of 1 in 142,506, which are extremely easy to crack. You just have to select 5 numbers from a field of 1 to 30 and mark it on your playslip. You have the option of playing up to 5 panels on your Treasure Hunt playslip. Not limiting your chances to win, the Pennsylvania Lottery also gives you the option of playing your numbers for up to 7 consecutive draws. So hurry up, the jackpot has started rolling at $10,000, who knows you got to be the lottery winner soon!

The table below depicts the odds of winning and payouts potential of the Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt.

Match Prize Odds
5 of 5 numbers $12,000 1 in 142,506
4 of 5 $100 1 in 1,140
3 of 5 $6 1 in 47.50
2 of 5 $1 1 in 6.20

*Prize money allocated to the jackpot category will be paid on a pari-mutuel basis. If more than one winning jackpot play is determined, each is entitled to a pro-rated payment share of the total jackpot prize category.

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