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How to play and win Palmetto Cash 5?

You have to buy a Palmetto Cash 5 lottery ticket worth $1, select 5 numbers from a field of 1 to 38 for each panel, and mark it on your playslip. Or you can opt for Quick Pick to let the terminal randomly generate numbers for you. If your selected numbers match the drawn numbers, you bag the winning prizes. Not limiting your ways to win here, the South Carolina Lottery also provides you with the option of Power-Up, that multiplies your winning amount. So select your winning numbers wisely! Who knows, you turn out to be a grand lottery winner!

How can I find the winning Palmetto Cash 5 numbers?

After the drawing, you can check the winning numbers and prizes over the official website or visit authorized South Carolina Lottery retailers, or on selected TV news channels or newspapers. Or you can also call on (803) 734-IWON (4966) to check the drawn numbers.

When are Palmetto Cash 5 drawings held?

The Palmetto Cash 5 drawings are held every night at 6:59 p.m. You can watch the drawings and the latest results on the official website of the South Carolina Education Lottery. Or you can also contact your nearest South Carolina lottery retailers, local newspapers, and selected TV channels to know about the winning numbers.

How does the Power-Up option in Palmetto Cash 5 multiply my lottery winnings?

To make your game more interesting, the South Carolina Lottery lets you play POWER-UP, which gives an instant boost to your lottery winnings. For an additional $1 you can play the POWER-UP multiplier option, if you win a prize, the prize will automatically be multiplied by the POWER-UP number drawn. The Power-Up number is randomly drawn from a total of sixteen balls, classified in the following manner: eight balls are marked with number “2”, five balls are marked with number “3”, two balls are marked with number “4” and one ball is marked with the number “5”. So, if you won $100,000, with the POWER-UP number 4, you will grab a total of $400,000. Quite a profitable deal to crack, right!

How long do I have to claim my Palmetto Cash 5 prize?

Your Palmetto Cash 5 prizes can be claimed within a period of 180 days from the date of the drawing. If not redeemed within the stipulated time, the winnings are fortified.

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