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The House Bill 54 for the establishment of the Texas State Lottery was introduced on July 11, 1991. The amendment to the Texas constitution was approved by the voters of Texas on November 5, 1991, authorizing lottery sales in Texas. The first game introduced by the lottery was a scratch-off game called Lone Star Millions, and its first ticket was sold to then-Governor Ann Richards on May 29, 1992. It was on April 23, 2013, the House voted not to recommission the Lottery Texas Commission, which would probably end the lottery in Texas. Later that day, the House reversed the course with a new vote on the bill.
Lotto Texas is the first in-house drawing game offered by the Texas Lottery with sales beginning on November 7, 1992. The first drawing for the game was held on November 14, 1992, with the first jackpot won on November 28, 1992. Since the game’s inception, it has been producing innumerable lottery winners!

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To affirm your win, dive into The Lottery Lab and confirm your Texas Lottery numbers with us. Lottery prizes up to $599 or less, should be claimed at any authorized Texas Lottery retailer, local claim center, or Lottery Commission in Austin. Winning amounts from $600 to $2.5 million should be claimed at your local claim center or the Lottery Commission in Austin. Lottery prizes above $2.5 million to $5 million should be claimed at any of the following Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio Claim Centers or the Lottery Commission in Austin. You also have the option of mailing your lottery tickets with a complete claim form to redeem your lottery winnings. Ensure to sign your winning ticket before proceeding with the claiming process. Ensure to carry your government-issued photo ID proof and social security card while going for the claiming process. You need to fill in the back of your winning ticket, complete the Winner Claim Form and mail it to the Texas Lottery P.O. Box address along with your signed original winning ticket, and copies of your valid government-issued photo ID and social security card. You can claim your lottery prizes within 180 days from the date of the drawing. Fill in the details at the back of your ticket for complete authentication. It is advised that you take your time, assemble a professional team of tax attorneys, finance managers, accountants, etc before claiming your winnings. Confirm if your state allows you to claim your winnings anonymously.
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