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Virginia Lottery has been operating for over 30 years now. It was established in 1988 and has been offering exciting and thrilling lottery games to Virginia folks ever since. But, Virginia Lottery is more than just an entertainment source. It also raises funds for the public school funds. It produces more than $1.6 million a day to support public education, K-12. Since 1999, 100% of the Lottery’s profits are transferred to public education. Bank a Million is contributing to it since the beginning.

What happens when you win?

Sign the back of your Lottery ticket to show that you own the lottery ticket. Confirm the results from the official website of Bank A Million or The Lottery Lab. If you’ve won $599 or less, you can visit your nearest lottery retailer and ask for the cash in exchange for your winning tickets. If your winnings are $600 or more, you need to visit the Lottery office and fill out a claim form and fulfill other formalities to claim your winning. But assemble a team of professionals (like tax attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, etc) before claiming your big win for a successful lottery claiming.

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