• For claiming your cash prize, you need to have the original ticket signed by the owner of the ticket.
  • To claim the winnings worth $599 or less, visit the nearest lottery retailer and redeem your cash prize in exchange for the winning ticket. Do remember to carry a copy of your government-issued ID card.
  • To redeem prizes worth $500,999 or less visit Madison or Milwaukee lottery office in person or mail your winning ticket. If you’re visiting the lottery office in person, keep in mind that they accept claims between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. And carry your government-issued ID card with you.
  • If you’re mailing the winning ticket, complete a claim form and attach a copy of your government-issued ID card and send it all together. Don’t forget to make a copy of the winning ticket (front and back) before mailing it.
  • Tickets are valid for the time period of 180 days after the draw. After that, you can’t claim your winning prize.

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