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4 Reasons You're Richer but not Getting Any Happier

Posted: Thursday, Nov 21,2019 | Time: 06:10 am | Edited by: The Lottery Lab Staff

richer but not happier

You might think that winning a multi-million dollar jackpot would be the solution to all your problems. The truth is that whether you're a millionaire or a middle-class father of two, we all make the same mistakes when it comes to money – we think the richer we are, the happier we'll be. If you really want to offer yourself a more fulfilling life, it's not how much money you have that matters, but figuring out the right way to spend it. here are 4 reasons suggesting you're richer but not happier-

A big mansion will make me happy

What more satisfying than having a big fat mansion? The answer is home. Lottery winners tend to buy a mansion as soon as they get their jackpot but they forget to make it a home. Luxury may offer you temporary happiness but eventually, you grow accustomed to it. Plus buying that big mansion will mean moving to a neighborhood filled with doctors and stockbrokers who are more busy working to get to know their neighbors. You may find that you miss the barbeques and other holidays you used to celebrate in your old neighborhood.

Spending on luxuries rather than experiences

New lottery winners often start spending on extravagant hotels and branded clothes that they can’t even pronounce.  They do this just because they can, not because they need to. But is this what really makes people happy? Or are you happier having a hot dog with your colleague in the lunch break room of your office building? Understanding that experience provides more happiness than material goods can also help you to choose the most satisfying kinds of experiences. Material goods will have a temporary effect and will wear off after some time whereas experience will make a memorable story that you will enjoy for years to come.

Too much of a good thing

Do you love pepperoni pizza? Would you still love it when you have to eat it 7 days a week or 365 days a year? When you have unlimited financial resources, you might find it stupid to deny the simple pleasures like a pepperoni pizza or a fine bottle of wine every night. But there is a thing called material over-saturation. You can reach a point which kills your ability to make yourself happy anymore.  

You’re investing in yourself, not others

You make an experience memorable when you enjoy it with your friends and loved ones. But remember that your friends didn’t win the jackpot. Don’t force them to do things they can’t afford. Rather try things they will enjoy. Don’t spoil your relationship by spending too much on them, but also don’t shy away. Keep life in balance and invest in experiences rather than spending on things you think you want.

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